Tutorial:How to Upload Photos Directly from the Mobile Phone To a Facebook Account

It is becoming more and more popular and convenient to take photos via the cellphone. If you are a Facebook enthusiast and like to take photo via your cellphone, you could save the trouble to download the photos to your computer and to upload it again to your Facebook account. What you need to do is to activate your Facebook mobile and upload the photos from your mobile phone straight away.

Just follow the few steps below:

1. Go to the picture in your cellphone which you wish to send to Facebook.
2. Select either the Send as email or Email photo function in the menu on your cellphone.
3. When a new message appears (with the selected photo attached), key in mobile@facebook.com in the ‘To:’ Textbox.
4. Key in the title of your photo in the subject column.
5. Choose ‘Send’.
6. Once your cellphone receives an email of notification from Facebook, you will receive a code or password.
7. Check that you are logged onto your Facebook account and go to Facebook
8. Click on the Activate Facebook Mobile button.
9. Click on ‘Sign Up Here’ and ‘Confirm your phone’ at the bottom of the page.
10. Look for the Beneath the ‘Already have a confirmation code’ and click.
11. Key in your password when prompted with ‘Input the code you received in your email’ and ‘Confirm’.

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