The days without computer

I will become the person that shown at above picture? @@

Tommorrow i will back to Cyberjaya without my pc T.T
I need to suffer for 6 days without computer.

Nicholas bring his desktop to Cyberjaya
Nicholas cannot back on Saturday&Sad
Nicholas do not bring his desktop to Cyberjaya
Nicholas can back on Saturday and meet with friends&Happy :-D

Althought the days are exam day,but it is really Beh Tahan lo -.-''I cant update my blog,Facebook,Games,forums,email.....Terrible lo!

Here is my exam timetable:

The times passed so fast.This is the end of second semester already.One more semester,i will go on to degree.This semester so many stupid subjects ,such as Moral and English.Especially the English teacher,really annoying!Hope do not see her anymore.Finally,hopefully i get my major(Software Engineering).

So,anyone who want to contact me :$ just sms me lo T.T Thats the only way @.@Byebye

Nicholas End.


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