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The time now is 2.43pm,Afternoon-Saturday !

Finally,I back from MMU ~Hooray!It meant that my final semester examination is over!One week days ,my life without computer is totally boring..I just look at the books and hang around at my hostel.Sometimes,I went to my friend's room to chat with them.Seriously,i was thinking that the world will become so meaningless and boring without computer or IT.It shows how important is the computer @.@''However ,if computer does not exist,maybe many students can score As in their examination already :S Thats the cons or side effect of the computer.'

Back to Cyberjaya,examination days carried out in 4 days.The most Fxxking thing is there is no examination on Thursday!It really a sad case although MMu let us to study one more day Sweat>.<" Others,all the students need to exam in a cool condition at our Multipurpose Hall.

On Friday,this is the final day that we have to exam.In the earlier morning,it seems like all the FOE/FCM finished packing their luggage or begs.It's damn annoying lo !In my mind spawned out ---'Stupid MMU' dont let us go =='My last paper was Introductory Probability,I finished it in 1 and 15 minutes then rushed to the busstop.*~~Back Home~~* Night 10pm only reach home >.<

This semester break holiday is just 1 weeks,Is that enough for us ?What can we do in this holiday ? Hope in examination ?
Answer :
Maybe not enough?==||
Try to figure out something news about blogging And Photoshop learning (anyone know where to download Photoshop Cs4? )
Hopefully Pass all and get a satisfactory result @@ Hopefully

Nicholas End


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