Self Control of your temper

Sometimes,there has no changed with the realistic matter such as traffic jam.Therefore,we should accept all this in a calm emotional.For an example,traffic jam always come to us in the busy life city.As a city driver,we are not able to change the common situation that will occur everyday.So,we should change our thinking mind that we need to enjoy the period of time.That is the only way to release our anger.

1.Slow down your breathing and clam down the anger.
Experts said that we can clam down our emotion by slowing down our breathing.We can inhale by nose and exhale by mouth.Do it continually in 3 to 5 minutes per time.In fact,our emotional response happened quickly and we cannot handle it in a minutes.

In a long run ,chat with friends or assisted by experts is not a final solution.Everything is depend to ourselves whether we got the effort to change the personal emotional problem.Reading book is a good suggestion for everyone to clam down the temper.Book related to philosophy is a good choices for everyone.Furthermore,activity such as yoga,Taiji,have a trip or listening to music also can improve well to our emotional problems.

2.Let our mind 'Slow' down
We can make a plan before do something.For example,set off early if you having a trip or go somewhere else.If you got a enough time to go your destination,you will not rush in time.Everything can be slowed down.When facing traffic jam ,try to listen soft music of FM in the car to divert the stress in the traffic jam.

3.Learn how to keep a optimistic mood
Always think in positive way.Additionally ,if you want handle your emotional well,the actual way is depend on your thinking method.How you think about it.For an example,a car is crossing through quickly by your car in a traffic jam situation.You may think that the car will get blocked although he is driving fast.

4.Put your lover picture in your car.
Always think about your friends,family members,lovers and etc.You will feel warm when those people flow through your mind.It can control your emotional action and feeling.

5.Search for psychology doctor help
If your problem reach to a maximum,please visit to psychology doctor to prevent any serious matter occur.It was the final solution.

Nicholas End&Translated from Chinese to English
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