Learning Photoshop

Finally ,i downloaded Photoshop CS4 successfully from the official website.It took me really long time because my home internet line very slow @@ run only 3x to 4x kb/s only..T.T

Today,I went through Youtube and watched the tutorial.It is quite complicated and i tried many times @@...When i back to MMU ,i need to ask Mr.Fok(MMu friend XD)Moreover,i still not very clear about the selection and layers problems :S ERm,i think need to try harder to understand photoshop well >.< Practice makes prefect ^^

Erm,so far i just learn
*Dye Hair
*Eye Ball colour
*Eye Bigger
All also in practice rightnow ^^

Rightnow ,tired =.='' Rest first :S As a conclusion,photoshop can totally change one person to another person.That's the power of the software.It is amazing !!

This is my friend that i changed her eye ball.Swt -.-'

Nxt time ,change you to another person ya:P Paiser

Nicholas End


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