Touching In a Sudden



Hmm,three weeks dint watch this until today@.@ Yesterday just finish my download and i watched it this morning.There is something touching and lovely that i want to share with you guys.It is love.In the above video,it starts from 5minutes in the first video until the end of second video.Suddenly,i felt it so touching and warm :-S Is that the power of love?Facing a problem that are not possible to solve? Anything else?What is the reason of it?

Love is just a curious feeling that you should feel it,touch it by yourself.In the video,we can see that the couple is come from two different world,but they have their attic faith that others do not have it.They are willing to wait each other and solve the problem together.They have faith in their relationship.This kind of love will stay longer ?Everyone will not know about it including about me.That is love!We do not know what happen in the next and the future.So,keep the faith and believe each others.Maybe that is the only way to keep the relationship.

Nicholas End


kenwooi said...

love is interesting and complicated at the same time.. mysterious sometimes too =)

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