Happy Chinese New years

Sorry ~ i will not update my blog for a certain time because it is Chinese New Year right now !! Haha,that is a great event for me because 1 year just have 1 time Chinese New year (common lo -.-'')What to do in this few days ?Any decision ?For me,this Chinese New Year,i will not go out for visiting friends house ,but just staying in the house. :-D However,i will just ''yam cha'' with all the friends that dint meet for some times. In my opinion ,CNY is just a few days that let u to have your great time with your friends,of course including your family too.Everyone back to their hometown and gather with all their relatives.Anyway,just enjoy the Chinese New Year in this week.

Hope everyone have their
*Healthy life
*Studies better
*Earn more money (for the employees)
*Happy life


Nicholas End


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