Selling Kaspersky Antivirus /Internet Security 2010(Updated)

1.The key is genuine ?
Yes,It is .The key can register online. Now , when install latest kaspersky, after activate ,it will ask key in email then kaspersky will send email to the user. This is another way to prove it is genuine .Email will send the account details to the user.

2.I don’t hav the software?
Because it is just provide license key,so buyer need to download the software at

3.After format my pc,can I use my old license key ?
Ya,u can but ur old license key should still in the range of days (in 365days).

4.During the promotion weekday,if buy more ,the price will reduce?
Yes if u are purchasing 10unit or above, below than the units,it will consider at the single price.

5.What benefit can I get during not promotion days?
That’s a time who want to order 10units or above,the price will be cheaper.

6.How if I get blacklist?
Ya,u need to print screen and show me.I will return ur money if get blacklist.*Note* all keys are single user,if u use 1 key wf 2 pc ,definitely will get trouble,I will not responsible wf that kind of problem.


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